Becoming an OCS inventory partner allows you to sell a performance while being assured at the technical and commercial level by our team.

What this partnership brings to you

Stable version

A stable version of OCS inventory will be provided to you every month with the latest improvements and corrections to the application.

Bug processing

The bugs issued by you will be treated as a priority by our team in order to ensure you a quality service


A help documentation to resolve level 1 and 2 problems will be available to accompany you during the support.

Quote Simulator

A quotation Simulator will be at your disposal to allow you to get the best price.


Our team is committed to accompany you throughout the setting up of your customers network.

Preferential rate

Being a partner allows you to benefit from discounts on our OCS inventory services.

Become a partner!

Once partner, you will have a professional space that allows you to access additional services.