the professional OCs Pack

A subscription to the OCS Professional offer gives you the certainty that your OCS inventory infrastructure is backed by the best technical expertise available according to the needs of your business. The OCS professional package contains a large number of services such as support, expertise, consulting, application maintenance and access to the OCS roadmap.

our detailed offer

OCS inventory FREE

Access to the whole community project: server, agent, tools…


Participation in an administrator or developer training conducted by an OCS inventory certified fomator.

Roadmap access

Access to the project roadmap and possibility to submit requests for improvements. These requests will be submitted to the project development team.

Advice and expertise

Privileged Exchange space with the project development team. Advice and expertise to accompany you in your project.

Professional support

Support platform for remote control as soon as possible.

Application maintenance

Service guaranteeing the maintenance of the solution via security and system updates (twice a year).

Flexible offer

From the second year of subscription, personalize your offer according to your needs:

Book of 20 tickets (1 hour): €1800 HT

Application maintenance: €750 HT

Consulting/expertise/access roadmap: €450 HT

Administrator/developer training: €1000 HT

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay for open source?

Installation and maintenance of the solution on large infrastructures can be time consuming. The OCS Professional offer gives you access to a follow-up of updates as well as the possibility to consult experts of the solution at any time.

In addition, if necessary, you benefit from advanced expertise as well as a guarantee of results.

How will the support be achieved?

The support will be made through a dedicated platform. At the time of subscription, identifiers will be sent to you to be able to log in and submit requests.

In which languages can the support be ensured?

Support can be provided in French and English.

Does the professional version incorporate additional features?

No, the professional version does not give access to another version of OCS inventory.

How will the prioritisation of roadmap applications be carried out?

A platform is set up to add elements to the roadmap. The community will then be able to decide to "upvote" the functionality so that it is developed as a priority.

How will training be dispensed?

The trainings are delivered by videoconferencing.

Note: in case you are a French company, a trip to the site can be envisaged.

Enjoy the OCS professional Pack!

You will have a professional space that allows you to access additional services.