OCS Inventory Version 2.9 – News

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.9 has been released.

Web console

  • Rework deployment feature
  • Rework duplicates interface
  • Add authentication security
  • Add password security
  • Add custom css for login page
  • Add administrative data import via CSV
  • Add crontab to populate all software page
  • Add crontab to purge removed packages in history
  • Add auto activation package
  • Add IpDiscover scan from the server
  • Improve CVE API call
  • Update chinese translation
  • Display special chars in datatable and CSV export
  • Fix CVE bans
  • Fix RCE from SNMP config
  • Fix SQL injection from all computers
  • Fix datetime multisearch field
  • Fix Unix users inventory
  • Fix CVE warning
  • Fix case sensitive on accountinfo select type search
  • Fix CVE regex
  • Fix mysqli warning
  • Fix checkbox visibility from static group
  • Fix dictionary software order
  • Remove package edition
  • Remove accesslog from multisearch

The OCS Inventory team thanks XMCO for its analysis which led to security improvements on the OCS 2.9. version.

Communication server

  • Add REST route to get all softwares
  • Add CVE to REST API
  • Add tmp directory
  • Update unixusers model
  • Update URL in README file
  • Improve softwares treatment
  • Fix unixusers
  • Fix orphaned lines after merge of duplicates
  • Fix wrong install dates for softwares
  • Fix warnings on softwares
  • Fix queries for MySQL 8

OCS Inventory Version 2.8.1 – News

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server minor version 2.8.1 has been released.

Web console

  • Add IpDiscover purge configuration
  • Add IpDiscover purge related translation
  • Add IpDiscover purge crontab
  • Add Unix users in computer details
  • Add explicit error message during  SNMP type configuration
  • Update ocsbase.sql for clean installation
  • Update Spanish, Deutsh and Brazilian translation
  • Authorized – and _ for login
  • Fix role attribution especially when using memberof
  • Fix multisearch for dynamic group
  • Fix software displaying in dictionary
  • Fix IpDiscover subnet list
  • Fix IpDiscover form when inventory is not linked to a tag
  • Fix reference link in CVE reporting
  • Fix special characters for label and type on SNMP configuration
  • Fix user table and removal
  • Fix CVE regex matching
  • Fix PHP warning
  • Remove local ocs file import
  • Remove old plugins manager page

SNMP Scan need to have the new agent 2.8.1 in order to work properly. This revision will be released in the next few days.

Local import is still available by using the perl and the newly released powershell injector. We just removed the web interface.

Communication server

  • Optimize softwares insertion
  • Add powershell version of the perl injector
  • Add unixusers plugin as a core module
  • Add timeout option on perl injector
  • Fix NULL date on IPDiscover
  • Fix SNMP Inventory
  • Fix IPDiscover REST API Routes
  • Fix IPDiscover ignored network management
  • Fix HASH Ref on IPDiscover inventory
  • Fix some typos issues with MySQL 8
  • Remove old /ocsplugins endpoint from the config

Unix Agent

  • Add octectstring management on SNMP Scan
  • Add retry and timeout config for SNMP
  • Fix perl warnings on HASH
  • Fix warning on SNMP Scanner
  • Fix digit retrival using bigger INT and avoid truncate
  • Remove old SNMP scanning feature

Please note that updating to this realease is recommended if you plan on using SNMP, especially if you have a lot of network devices to inventory.


  • Firewall inventory will be released in the next few days
  • XML comparison will be released in the next few days

OCS Inventory Version 2.8 – News

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.8 has been released.

This version is focused on improving overall inventory capacity of OCS. Major improvments have been made on our Unix agent. We also performed a full rework of our SNMP feature to allow our users to create their own inventory model and import their MIBs files inside OCS. Our CVE Inventory based on CVE-Search is more accurate and will allow you to have a better reporting on security flaws that could be present on your assets.

Web console

  • Rework SNMP Interface and configuration
  • Rework IpDiscover manager
  • Rework LDAP Authentication
  • Rework software inventory data structure for better performences
  • Add MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Add CVE Matching regex
  • Add chinese translation
  • Bugs fix

Communication server

  • Add MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Update REST API for snmp / ipdiscover
  • Improve REST API for computers software
  • Fix ambiguous SQL Query on devices table for better performances
  • Minor bug fix

Other tools

  • Major improvments on our packager for Windows
  • Docker improvment, update with last features


  • Plugin for Azure Hosts and VM Inventory is available
  • Plugin for Nutanix inventory
  • Plugin VSphere Inventory using PowerVI tools (powershell)