OCS Inventory Version 2.7 – News

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.7 has been released. You will find below a list of the differents improvements and fix bugs made :

Web console

  • Add CVE reporting
  • Add Web Application inventory
  • Add Schedule Wake On lan
  • Add saved searches on multicriteria
  • Improve MySQL connection to add SSL connection and set alternative port
  • Improve multicriteria to search by delay
  • Bugs fix

Communication server

  • Improve Software and Assets categories to execute at first inventory
  • Improve log rotate for activity.log
  • Add MySQL SSL for server and API REST

Other tools

  • SSL Perl injector
  • Docker rework, now based on CentOS and using docker standards


  • Plugin for anydesk inventory now available
  • Plugin windows server features to get server features enabled
  • Plugin unixserver for unix local users
  • Plugin officepack improvements

List of supported operating systems

SytemOCS Inventory AgentOCS Inventory Server
Windows Vista et +
Mac OS