OCS Inventory Version 2.8 – News

The OCS Inventory Team is pleased to announce that our server version 2.8 has been released.

This version is focused on improving overall inventory capacity of OCS. Major improvments have been made on our Unix agent. We also performed a full rework of our SNMP feature to allow our users to create their own inventory model and import their MIBs files inside OCS. Our CVE Inventory based on CVE-Search is more accurate and will allow you to have a better reporting on security flaws that could be present on your assets.

Web console

  • Rework SNMP Interface and configuration
  • Rework IpDiscover manager
  • Rework LDAP Authentication
  • Rework software inventory data structure for better performences
  • Add MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Add CVE Matching regex
  • Add chinese translation
  • Bugs fix

Communication server

  • Add MySQL 8 compatibility
  • Update REST API for snmp / ipdiscover
  • Improve REST API for computers software
  • Fix ambiguous SQL Query on devices table for better performances
  • Minor bug fix

Other tools

  • Major improvments on our packager for Windows
  • Docker improvment, update with last features


  • Plugin for Azure Hosts and VM Inventory is available
  • Plugin for Nutanix inventory
  • Plugin VSphere Inventory using PowerVI tools (powershell)

List of supported operating systems

SytemOCS Inventory AgentOCS Inventory Server
Windows Vista et +
Mac OS